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  • February 14, 2016 1:30 PM | Anonymous

    Happy Valentine's Day! I don't know about you, but my favorite thing about today is the SWEETS. Candy, chocolate covered strawberries, or decadent desserts...all good. Some of our local bakeries and candy shops are churning out lots of goodies today for the special occasion.

    Those bakeries are also on our preferred vendor list due to their delicious works of art and professional reputations. We have personally sampled their work (possibly on more than one occasion) and are happy to recommend them to you for your big day.

    HomeStyle Bakery

    Nashville, Tennessee

    Not far from SDH, but closer for you Nashville brides, is HomeStyle Bakery. This bakery has been a Nashville staple for decades, and is the kind of bakery where you'll get your kid's first birthday cake, graduation cakes, and your 50th anniversary cake from. When they say "homestyle", they mean it. The cakes taste like they came straight from your grandmother's kitchen, but are impecibly decorated. They're also great about designing something from a sketch you've drawn or picture you've found online, so feel free to get creative!

    Love at First Bite

    Nashville Tennessee

    We met this sweet baking couple at HYPE Event's recent cake tasting here at SDH and their samples were divine! If you aren't interested in a standard tiered cake, this company also offers cupcakes, cookies, and other trendy options for your special day. From taste to presentation, everything was perfect, and their list of flavors should fit with every couple's wishlist. 

    Julia's HomeStyle Bakery

    Murfreesboro, Tennessee

    For you Murfreesboro brides, Julia's is a solid choice. This bakery is especially wonderful at making cake with fondant, meaning you can take that creativity to the next level for an even more unique and personal touch to your wedding.

    Any of these bakeries would be a great choice for your wedding cake(s). No matter what bakery you choose, consider saving your venue staff member a slice!

    Happy Valentine's Day! We hope it's a sweet day!

  • October 24, 2015 2:49 PM | Anonymous

    One of the hottest trends right now in wedding (and home) decor is the Edison String Light. They give off a ethereal glow that's perfect for dining and dancing, but not so bright as to be harsh.

    Pictured at left is an image (so kindly shared by Greg Smit Photography) from a recent Sam Davis Home wedding that strung the popular lighting throughout their backyard reception.

    This, of all the images on our website gets more attention than any other photo. Because of this (and our own desire to have Edison lights at SDH events) has inspired us to make it easy to hang this trendy decor around the most popular reception spot on site.

    Photo Via httpwww.weddingchicks.com20141208peach-and-gold-plantation-wedding

    In the coming weeks, hooks will be added to the veranda (the wrap-around porch surrounding our visitor center) as well as to the nearby trees. This, along with the map that will mark the new addition, will help wedding parties to easily, quickly, and safely decorate the backyard for their special day.

    We at SDH are constantly striving to make the site even more perfect for your special day. Our other upcoming projects include sprucing up the Groom's suite, adding new rustic looking trash receptacles for wedding use, and cleaning up the barn to be used as a cermony location.

    Check back here for updates to the site, and contact our events manager today to schedule an appointment to view the property!

  • July 25, 2015 2:55 PM | Anonymous

    Happy Summer! Our staff has been busy with Summer events as well as the many weddings that have been occurring during this busy season. We've also seen an increase in interest in the venue for 2016 weddings.

    When you begin your search for a venue, there are several things to consider and keep in mind. Here are a few recommendations from our events manager to help with both your initial venue search, as well as some helpful things to know before your appointments with venue representatives.

    1. When searching for a venue online, take notice of their website. Are there plenty of pictures from multiple places on the property? Are they open with their policies, pricing, and availability?

    Image Courtesy of Nyk + Cali Wedding Photographers

    How recent are their reviews and updates to the website? A venue with an easy to navigate website that looks as if it is updated regularly is likely taking their wedding business seriously! Having lots of different photos and an open policy and pricing plan shows that they have nothing to hide! When you visit a website, you should get a good feel for the venue - one that makes you feel as if you've already visited the venue.

    2. When you reach out to a venue representative, give them as many details as you can! Knowing your date, guestlist number, and personal style will help immensely when they contact you. This is also a great first step in creating a relationship with that representative, something that will be extremely helpful in ensuring easy planning throughout the duration of your wedding.

    3. Feel free to ask questions, but also be sure to listen to the representative. Often times, the questions you have and many you didn't think of will be answered during your conversation with the representative and the tour of the property they give you. Also, be mindful that your questions are relevent to the current conversation. Asking a question about clean up while your representative is talking about electricity capabilities may make them lose their train of thought and could possibly cause them to leave out other important information.

    4. Don't treat picking a venue like a business transaction, and your venue representative won't either. We love showing couples the SDH venue, especially ones who are excited and enthusiastic. While there is a time for serious conversation about contractual obligations and financial expenditures, your venue tour should be fun and stress-free! This is a big decision for your big day, and treating it like a transaction will take away from that experience and will set the tone for your future communication with your venue representative. We model our behavior after your body language and level of enthusiasm, so come to your appointment with the attitude you'd like to see from your representative!

    While we hope that after visiting our website, you'll make an appointment to see the Sam Davis Home and that that will lead to you booking our venue for your special day, these tips are valid for any venue! Enjoy your wedding planning and have fun venue shopping!

  • January 20, 2015 1:15 PM | Anonymous

    Did you know that approximately 26% of couples get engaged over the holidays? We at the Sam Davis Home are quickly learning the importance of being prepared for the increase in wedding interest closely following holidays such as Christmas and New Year's.

    Emails, calls, and appointments related to booking weddings have nearly quadrupaled this month compared to the rest of the year! We're hoping that this continues past Valentine's Day as even more couples become engaged.

    Photo Courtesy of Lotus Blossom Photography

    Photo Courtesy of Lotus Blossom Photography

    While this is wonderful news for our site, it presents a wonderful problem for us that we have not had in the past... we're booking up! Availability for Spring, Summer, and Fall dates are becoming more and more slim every week.

    Photo Courtesty of Lotus Blossom Photography

    If you are looking for a unique, budget friendly, and flexible wedding venue for your big day, contact us immediately to see if your date is available. Many of the most popular dates in 2015 are already booked, and we're already seeing interest rising for 2016 weddings.

    Don't let your date slip by! Our events manager would love to give you a tour of the grounds to see if the site fits for your wedding ceremony and/or reception.

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